Le Concierge provides services to a wide range of private and individual visitors to the Ionian islands:

Families & Individuals

Friends, couples and families who wish to explore the beautiful Ionian islands without any worries and stress, may now be certain that they will enjoy piece of mind and wonderful days in Greece, thanks to Le Concierge. Whether you are looking for a few relaxing days with the kids in a serene family resort, a romantic break or an adventurous escape to the wild side of the Greek summer, including nightlife, island hopping, wining, dining and special services, Le Concierge will listen carefully to your requirements and make all necessary arrangements, offering insightful guidance and advice, for a flawless, unforgettable experience.

Groups & Companies

In the land where legends loom large, business and pleasure mix almost effortlessly. Whether for a cutting-edge product launch or promotion, the production of a brand styled photo-shoot, a congress, location-specific activities aimed at building and strengthening employees or client relationships, Le Concierge, is available to help and assist every step of the way: we will locate the best accommodation options and event venues if needed, and then follow up to the success of the trip for all the travelers with services that extend from the meet and greet at the airport to all the activities and bespoke experiences organized for the group. Our services are customized to the particular needs of our clientele focusing on the satisfaction of all participants and the success of every trip.


Show business and entrepreneurship’s most prominent members, who in their daily life may enjoy the spotlight, usually crave for privacy during their vacation. Without compromising their dreams, there is always a way to experience the best that the Greek islands have to offer. Le Concierge, can spoil them, pamper them and guide them, with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Our network of loyal and trusted partners in the Ionian Islands guarantees a safe distance from annoying paparazzi while our discerning visitors savor the sun, the sea and the unprompted interaction with the locals.

Hotels & Villas

The concierge’s role to the satisfaction of a guest can be crucial, but at the same time, it is very hard to find the person to fill this demanding position. That is why outsourcing is an option which will be appreciated not only by the hotel’s management but most importantly by the guests who will enjoy the privilege of a savvy insider.
We are here to increase the hotels’ and villas’ value and profits through the essential improvement of their image, efficiency and quality of services.

Villas & Yachts full provisioning service

Yacht supplies and villa provisioning by Le Concierge includes offering the very best produce and personalized service, including water supplies, either for helping you in finding the right people to bring water for your pool, or even your yacht, food and beverages, household products as well as refueling for the yachts. Our concierge team works with the best suppliers and is dedicated in catering to even the most special requests: flowers, birthday cakes and more.