LE MAGAZINE is a privately-owned publication curated by LE CONCIERGE! The magazine presents the finest Zakynthos has to offer, be it hotels, villas, restaurants, beaches, sightseeing’s and much, much more.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the travel industry of Zakynthos, the LE CONCIERGE team is highly aware of the island’s finest hotspots, testing and reviewing the most popular venues of the island and presenting the best options to readers and potential travelers.

The purpose of LE MAGAZINE is to promote the most luxurious side of Zakynthos, highlighting the impeccable beauties and quality that the island has to offer whilst enhancing and promoting its tourism industry through carefully curated marketing strategies and actions.

Utilizing channels such as Public Relations and other Marketing acts, the Le Concierge company aims to help enhance the marketing presence of top quality Zakynthian businesses along with Zante as a destination, allowing it to be established as a “luxury gem” for VIP travelers from around the globe. 


  • The first aim is to attract ‘high-end travellers”, along with advertising  our island to this specific audience and manage to increase the amount of this kind of tourists.
  • Creation of the Magazine and attentively placement in specific key-places aim at giving birth to the need for travelers to visit Zakynthos.
  • Continuing, this attempt will not be used only as a Marketing tool for the island’s services but also as a travel magazine for every future visitor
  • Its placement to the collaborating or not hotels and to other businesses is going to aid visitors regarding places to see or what to do and in general, how to distribute their time in order to fully experience our island.


  • The magazine will be able to be used as a tool by the guest relation/concierges of every hotel, since many of us businessmen have employers from out of Zakynthos who aren’t capable of providing clear directions due to their limited knowledge of the island.
  • Marketing and Sales sectors will be able to use the Magazine for providing future visitors with information about how to efficiently spend their vacation time. The digital version of the Magazine will be fully compatible with smartphones.
  • The Magazine will be distributed at specific whereabouts which the aimed audience visits. In addition, this will result in increasing sales for the collaborating businesses.
  • The digital form of the Magazine will be able to be used  as an email marketing tool from each of the collaborating businesses.


  • Four Seasons, Athens
  • The Margi Hotel, Athens
  • Hilton hotel, Athens
  • Nobu, Athens
  • Astir beach, Athens
  • Krabo Beach, Athens
  • Mooring / Blends Cafe Restaurants, Athens
  • Luxury Villas in Athens Riviera
  • Yacht Chartering Business ( Ionian Ray, etc)
  • Luxury Villas in Mykonos
  • Alemagou, Mykonos
  • La Piscine Art Hotel, Skiathos
  • Margi House, Skiathos
  • Myrtia Summer Village, Skiathos
  • Elivi, Skiathos
  • The Borzoi, Skiathos
  • Ergon Skiathos, Skiathos
  • Mandraki Village, Skiathos
  • Ammon Zeus, Thessaloniki
  • Costa Navarino, Peloponnese


Le Concierge

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