Looking for beautiful vacations that will mark this Easter as one of your best experience? Then Zakynthos, one of the best Greek Islands of the Ionian Seas is the greatest choice.

Easter in Zakynthos differs from other locations of Greece, due to the importance that is given to religious celebrations by its people. This April, it it expected that a great amount of people from all over the world will visit Zakynthos to experience the Greek customs of the Holy Week, which become even more exciting as time passes.

For the entire Holy week the feelings and the deep emotion for the Holy Passion is universal. The crucifixion, which according to the scriptures on the noon of Good Friday, dresses the whole Island in grief. Black cloths hang from the balconies and the bells are silent. The Litany of the Crucifix ends at Solomos Square after having followed the same itinerary which is followed each year.

In the morning of Easter Saturday the “Gloria” takes place which is the first resurrection of our Lord with a liturgy and joyfully tolling bells. On the balconies, red celebratory scarves are hung and a water pot is left to fall and break. The great resurrection of the Lord is celebrated with pomp on the evening of Easter Saturday at the Square Saint Marc.

On Easter Sunday lambs are roasted on the spit in the streets according to the custom which prevails all over Greece. In the afternoon of the same day the local festivals starts in villages with litanies, worship, dancing and feasting.

It is great luck that this year’s Easter is in the end of April because the weather in Greece is predicted to be summery. You’ll have the opportunity to take your first bath in the unique blue and turquoise colors of the Ionian Sea, while experiencing our privet daily tour along the beautiful coasts of the island.

At le Concierge, we have the ability and knowledge to organize anything you’d wish to experience during Easter Holidays. Our Luxury travel specialists will organize bespoke itineraries that cater for the needs of all ages, with cultural, leisure and dining experiences, tailored to suit the whole family.

Easter in Zakynthos is undoubtedly unique! Provide yourself with good company and excellent mood and leave the rest to out uniquely experienced team.


Le Concierge

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