Le Concierge: The Insiders of the Ionian Islands

Offering concierge solutions and bespoke services, Le Concierge has been designed to cater for the most discerning travelers who wish to explore the Ionian islands with the expert guidance of skilled and dedicated insiders.

Drawn by the allure of the iconic Greek summer, thousands of visitors from across the world arrive to the world’s most coveted islands every year, each with a different dream in mind. Those who are tempted by the idea of following the steps of the legendary Odysseus to the calm, emerald waters of the Ionian Sea, will be captivated by the amazing stretches of white sand with pine trees tumbling down to the seashore and will be fascinated by indulgent villas, fabulous boutique hotels and luxury resorts in the most enchanting locations, the local culinary traditions and warm hospitality.

Perhaps the ultimate luxury in a journey to the Ionian Islands is that visitors can now opt for a guide, a personal concierge, who combines the knowledge, resourcefulness and skill needed to forge a unique plan that addresses with efficiency and discretion the specific wishes, needs and tastes of each traveller. Although there is no formula for a successful journey, the careful organization with attention to the slightest details, providing solutions to every problem, can bring a dream to life, exceeding even the most demanding expectations.

The mastermind behind this endeavor is the founder of the company, Georgia Kolevri -a young entrepreneur with a strong academic background (with a bachelor degree in Public Relations and communication and (a master degree from ALBA graduate business school in Tourism Management, honed by years of experience in the hotel and travel industry. Driven by her passion for her homeland, and by an increased interest for high-end concierge services, Georgia has brought together a select team of diligent and committed professionals, who can turn her plans and ideas into magical experiences.

Specializing in offering concierge services ranging from simple diner reservations to yacht cruises or elaborate bespoke experiences planned and implemented according to each travellers’ desires, LE CONCIERGE aims at becoming the factor that will add value to your journey to the Ionian islands, working in a personalized, graceful, discreet and absolutely confidential way.

So, this summer, let us orchestrate your next visit to Greece, and experience the best it has to offer in an unforgettable journey of a life time.